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I'm SOH nervous!!

We know it's easy for people to invite you along to classes and it's often easier to make an excuse as to why you can't make it rather than just admitting that the thought of walking into a new environment to attempt something new is terrifying you. We know that feeling because we've also been there. Honestly!!

On the other hand you may have been recommended to try a class but you can't seem to encourage any of your other friends to come along with you and the again the thought of walking in alone is terrifying you.

This is totally normal and almost to be expected. That little voice that can't make it's mind up is your subconscious, without going into too much detail here (check the blog posts) it's natural for your mind and body to reject anything new which it may deem be a risk to you, well remembered that in many cases it would be a risk not to partake in some form of exercise. (INSERT ASC GUIDLINES FOR EXERCISE HERE)

SOH what's this buddy scheme?

To help give you the best group exercise experience we have buddy's in each class. These friendly class go-ers were once in your position and are now in place to provide support and a friendly face.

You don't need to do anything just turn up and our buddy will meet you at the door and help you get you sorted for your first class. If you'd like more support just drop us a message, it's no problem. Plus we love to see our class comers become friends, in and outside of class. This for us enforces that we are supporting Social Health.

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