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Dedicated to pushing you out of your comfort zone!!

SOH... this is how we see fitness!

Is exercise important? It should be for all of us. Research has found the fitness industry is the best medicine and outperforming conventional medication. 

Although most of us see the benefits of exercise, the majority of us are still enthusiastically avoiding exercise. We could add all the health risks associated with not engaging in exercise, however, you already know them!

Fitness is our passion! 

Most people understand what they need to do to embark on a fitness journey. They have bought the gym gear, paid the monthly gym, have enquired about personal training, mapped out the route to go jogging on an app and have even stocked up on extra fruit and vegetables for the fridge. 

Unfortunately, doing all this does not change the mindset. 

For us, this industry is more about your mental attitude than your physical fitness. 

Humans are habitual creatures and unless fitness has been a constant in your life, when you start on this journey your brain is going to resist the urge to participate in something new. Especially something which is going to cause aches and pain, shortness of breath, will make you sweat, maybe vomit and possibly put you in an environment which is unnatural to you.  

The mental battle is key - but how do you overcome the psychological battle? The answer is it has to become a lifestyle decision. 

We want to champion mindsets. Optimal fitness is about more than going to the gym. 

Boost your metabolism and kick start your fitness journey with the S.O.H fit team where you will have fun whilst gaining valuable fitness knowledge.

Boost your body confidence by immersing yourself in a physically and mentally uplifting experience. 

Surpass your fitness goals with daily or weekly personal training sessions as you learn invaluable information to continue your training at home.