Mondays @ 7-8pm

Drum And Box - Fight Klub

FIGHT KLUB is the high intensity fun workout that makes getting in shape an addiction. Set to music, the program is a combination of boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing.

FIGHT KLUB is a workout built around using simple combinations of kicks and punches which are are easy to learn, but fiendishly difficult to master. Whilst keeping time with the high energy beat. FIGHT KLUB is sweeping the workout scene as participants benefit from improvements in cardiovascular endurance, weight loss and muscular toning fused with the atmosphere of a nightclub. Fight Klub is an intense workout utilising all the muscle groups in the upper and lower body including the core, whilst increasing flexibility.

FIGHT KLUB is perfect for individuals looking for an advanced modern workout, to high-five pads and gloves , have fun and get fit together. Whether you want to relieve the stress of the day, have some fun or just get in shape, there is something here for everybody.

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Wednesdays @ 7-8pm

Fridays @7.30-9.30pm


Let's darken the room, get the disco lights going and turn on your official LED Glow sticks. Then we turn up the club anthems from the 90′s classics to the latest chart hits and work up a sweat to energetic but simple routines. The routines are a mix of dance, toning and combat, they are easy-to-follow and always have high or low impact options to suit all fitness levels. It's all about fun, not about perfection. Take it to your level, keep it simple and enjoy the music.

As with many aerobic classes there are many benefits. At Clubbercise you'll You'll burn around 600 calories in an hour. Using our glow sticks gives your arms a good work out and you'll tone your muscles. Working out in the dark with disco lights and lasers means you can really let go, you'll de-stress and really enjoy an endorphin buzz. PLUS you get to workout to your favourite tracks without a hangover the next day!

You definitely do not need to be a great dancer, we deliberately make the routines easy-to-follow so you can relax and enjoy it rather than worrying about getting the steps wrong. 

SOH leave the heels at home and put on your trainers/sportswear (Neon is optional!) And make sure you bring some water.

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Thursdays @ 8-9pm

Turn Up And Tone

UNIQUE & EXCLUSIVE!! A major toning class using a combination of exercises strengthening and toning the stubborn areas of the body.


Exercise to the music, sounds from the hottest ragga, afrobeats and to

hip-hop this class is a fusion of step aerobics, pilates and dance fitness. Mix in mini resistance band exercises, small free weights and body weight exercises.


This class is great for fat loss but also muscle toning and creating definition and strength. Feel like you are getting a personal training session as you get to focus on your problematic areas and get stronger whilst challenging your energy levels. Routines are kept simple to keep the focus on working the muscles and feeling the burn.

Don't forget to ask for the downloadable playlist to keep you turnt up after class!!

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