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Léla Thomas

Hey I'm Léla; a community fitness champion and personal trainer specialising in transformational coaching.


I'm 35 and contrary to the rumours I don't bite lol!! My passion for high energy and high intensity workouts have gained me a reputation of a bit of a tough trainer.But I believe pushing people to their max not only makes them feel amazing but also builds self confidence by the truckload.


My mission with SOH Fit is to create social cohesion through wellness and fitness activities and help people understand how they can achieve optimal health.

I've made many transformations in my own life and using this experience I am able to support others through the change cycle. I understand the struggle of starting again and again so I'm here to encourage people to not give up.

In a world where aesthetics are forced upon us, I am keen to celebrate the non tangible benefits of exercise. Sleeping better, eating a balanced diet and moving confidently day to day. By focusing on what the human body is able to achieve and how living optimally supports all aspects of our lives. 


Working with people on a one to one basis I help them to understand how they see themselves in the world we live in today and how they can achieve what they want in life. This is what sets me apart from other personal trainers, offering a service which goes above and beyond your standard fitness goals. I'm proud to be the fastest growing independent personal trainer in Gloucester with a following of over 500 local people.

I truly don't believe in luck but I believe in being prepared for opportunity. That's how I managed to build my business, organically and authentically.

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