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Our 5 Top Tips To Stay Motivated

We understand it can be challenging to get; or find motivation to be active, especially during the colder and darker winter months. Firstly you've got to find your why

What motivates you? What drives you? What makes you want to push for that bit more? What’s going to get you out of that bed on those cold mornings? Secondly; once you establish what drives you, use it. Set a few things in place so when you’re having a rough week, stressed, running on empty or have just lost all self belief (let’s be honest, it happens) - you’ve got something to pull out of the bag! SOH let's share our top 5 things that you can use to find motivation when times are testing. 1)  Look to those who inspire you, get a top up of that good energy 2)  Revisit your goals and be sure to put them somewhere you can see them daily 3)  Get prepped!! Dust off those trainers and get your favourite outfit ready (the one that makes you feel really good) 4) Remind yourself of your capabilities and feel proud 5) Create some accountability, make a commitment with friends, sign up for a class or contact a personal trainer to get you going Ok, we do have another one. It's V.I.Point. 6) Quiet that negative self talk by remembering that you are awesome The truth is no one can do it for you. Do you have any tips that you use to keep motivated that you think someone might need to read today? Drop them in the comments below. Please share this blog with someone you care about. You can check out our current services; from online classes, small group sessions and personal training @ We are here to Support Optimal Health 💛✨
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