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Young people are the future SOH we’re committed to inspiring the next generation of potential fitness professionals and athletes to stay active. We can tailor fitness packages to suit the needs of your school, college or university class, as well as community and voluntary groups. What this might look like is a one-hour keep-fit session for seniors, an activity day tied into national initiatives such as #FitGotReal or a sports day led by us.


Poor physical fitness as well as obesity are risk factors for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But risks which can be prevented by regular exercise.

Our schools/community programmmes not only focus on fitness but educate on how it connects to mental wellbeing. Whether indoor, outdoor, same-sex or mixed sessions, we can create activities to keep the most uninspired kids focused, introduce them to exercise and show them how to make it part of their lives for the long-term.


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We all could do with a gym partner. The saying that there is safety in numbers is definitely true. Why not partner up with a friend, partner or relative and enjoy our services?


Up your levels and create banter with friends and family with a session of two or more people. (Who said fitness can't be fun?)


How long you stay focused on your desired lifestyle changes can be hugely influenced by how much support someone recieves outside of the gym.


Including your support network in your workouts can go a long way to staying focused on the job at hand. 


Outdoor Aerobics

Now more than ever, it’s important companies promote and support employee health and wellbeing because an investment in your employee's wellbeing, is an investment in your company's productivity. 


SOH Fit can provide corporate fitness packages which will have a positive effect on your workforce by lowering stress, increasing fitness, promoting team work and potentially reducing absenteeism - all for a price which suits your budget.


The other bonuses to corporate fitness programmes is they can boost morale at work, improve individual performance and therefore, help foster a positive work environment.

The packages we provide are bespoke to your needs. 


Soccer Goalie Ready

Keep your fitness levels up both on or off season with sports specific training, including footwork drills, strength training and outdoor functional training sessions.