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SOH what is the SOH Strong Academy


The academy is our all female group personal training programme.

We guide you through workouts, nutrition and how to lift weights in a safe and effective way; all via our app.

You'll work your way through the plan at your own pace throughout the week and attend 1 group personal training session per week. The group session is an opportunity for you to work on your form or try a big lift that you don't feel comfortable to try solo at the gym.


It's the best way to make friends with a group of strong and motivated women.

SOH Strong Women!!

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How does it work?

This plan will require access to a gym; any gym is fine.

Via the app you'll access weekly workouts that are designed to be simple to follow and help you make progress quickly. The program’s greatest strength is in its simplicity, not only is this most effective but it will help to build your gym-fidence.

Each week the training focus will change to encourage adaptations to your body and create physical change.


Each plan runs for 4 weeks before a new cycle begins. The monthly cycles; whilst still working on full body will focus on 2 main compound lifts which you can then use the group session to achieve Personal bests or work on better form.


Lifting Weights

Who is this suitable for?

The workouts are split into phases for novice and intermediate lifters looking to get stronger and improve their muscle tone. Programs for advanced lifters will be released late 2022 to ensure progression at every level.

This concept is ideal for women who would like to have a personal trainer but cannot commit to the cost; have limited time or need more flexibility. You decide when you workout; it's designed to work around your personal schedule whilst remaining accountable.

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How long before I see results?

Whilst we can guarantee physical changes; we don't want that to be the focus of you joining as there are SOH many benefits you'll miss out on but most people notice changes after around 8 weeks when following ALL steps.

The plan is set for 3 workouts per week as standard and then some additional workouts so depending on your goals you can decide how many times per week you exercise.

There are many contributing factors including sleep and stress which we check in with you about weekly too.

Healthy Food

What about nutrition?

At your first check in you'll provide us with the info that will allow us to guide you on your personal nutrition you need for your goal.

We supply a range of meal plan ideas that you can access and choose from to meet your specific needs.

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